Venispa produce sus propios contenidos, presta servicios de post-producción, subtitulado y distribución global. Contamos con clientes en América del Sur, Estados Unidos, Europa, Asia, Medio Oriente y ahora también en África.

What we do

Documentary and TV Production

We provide you with the best team of professionals when producing any ideas for new projects. We always use first hand technology and work with innovative ideas.


We only use the top software technology in post-production keeping up to date with the latest trends.

Translation and subtitling

We have a wide team of translators that along with our technical guys can provide de best translations services for your films and TV shows. We can work with the most widely spoken languages across the world, especially English to Spanish and Spanish to English


We have a wide clientelle thansk to our constant visit to the main TV markets in the world like Mipcom in Cannes. Our sales agents can guarantee that your production will be placed in the main TV networks across the world.

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