Photography is not a crime

Documentary based on experience and professional life of Carlos Miller , a multimedia journalist in Miami who has been arrested , harassed and threatened several times by the police while exercising their work without violating any law.

Graphic documentation of events , buildings or police officers in acts and public places is protected by the First Amendment of the US Constitution , yet the government and its agents are allowed to treat citizens as criminals for the sake of using their cameras or mobile phones and make them believe they are violating the law.

A production where anti – democratic abuses of police forces are shown in US Abuses of constitutional rights of photojournalists and citizens in general, and the power of social networks and the Internet in the fight against abuse.

Original Title: “Photography is not a crime” Production Year: 2014 Original Language: Spanish Producer: Asela Villar Director: Luis Castro Production Company: Venispa Distribution: SouthriseTV Broadcaster: HispanTV